The holiday resort Rousoum Yalos is 10 minutes on foot away from Patitiri (port of Alonissos).

The Aristotelis studios lie next to the seaside. Visitors can have lunch in one of the traditional taverns which are next to the sea, at a 2 minute distance from our studios. In the afternoon visitors can either enjoy their coffee at Pattiri or visit Chora (old town of Alonissos) which is a traditional resort of exceptional beauty with an outstanding view of the Aegean sea.

Visitors can enjoy the sea at the beach of Rousoum Yalos, or go either on foot or by car to a great variety of beaches around the island. You can have your dinner at the balconies of our studios (all with a great view of the sea) or you can visit a nearby cafe, or else you can taste our fresh seafood at the traditional fish-taverns of our beach.

You can travel to Alonissos... ship or flying cat either from Agios Constantinos Fthiotidas, or Volos, or Kymi, or even from Thessaloniki.

Travel Agencies

Athens (ALKYON):
+30 210 3832545
+30 2310 513005
+30 2421 031059, +30 2421 031060
Agios Konstantinos:
+30 2235 032444, +30 2235 031614
+30 2222 022020,
+30 2424 065220, +30 2424 066000