Alonissos, a beautiful island

Alonissos is a small, beautiful island that belongs in the cluster of Sporades and is located east of Skopelos. Alonissos was inhabited since the Ancient times and its name was then Ikos. Traces of that culture still exist in the beach Kokkinokastro. Up to recently the residents of the island made a living as fishermen or produced rural products. Alonissos was known for her splendid wine. Today only the southern side of the island is inhabited and its bigger part maintains all the natural beauty without it being degraded.


Important factor in the life of Alonissos is Mr. Bythoylka's Academy for Homeopathy in which doctors from all over the world are educated in the alternative Medicine of Homeopathy. The visitors of our island, aside from the quiet and uninterrupted vacations that they will experence they can spend their time doing numerous other activities that will help them escape the urban way of life. Moreover Alonissos is part of a big marine park (with centre the island Piperi) where the seal Monachus-Monachus lives and breeds. In the northern part of the island a station assigned to study the seals was created. Alonissos is also one of best fishing areas in Greece. It is an ideal place to go boat fishing or scuba diving in one of the most interesting sea bottoms of our country.

Kyra Panagia

The island's biggest part is uninhabited and as a result many paths were created among very beautiful pine-forests. Also each year a race is organized in Alonissos (Marathon and 10.000m). Naturally there are many artistic events that are organized by the Municipality of Alonissos for both the visitors and the residents at the tourist season (July-August). Still you can visit the deserted islands nearby (Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Psathoura) with small ships that leave each morning from Patitiri.